NEWBIE: New Players Crash on Quit

From: Ernest DeVore (
Date: 08/09/01

I'm running Circle 30bpl17, with the version that includes OLC and
DG_Scripts and running under Windows 2000.  I started working with the
code several days ago and I've made a ton of changes that are mostly
cosmetic. Now a weird bug has cropped up and I don't have a decent
version to revert to, nor do I know exactly what I've changed that
caused it. Misery, eh?

Here's the problem. When a new player logs on, they come into the =
just fine and can play the game with no problems. Upon typing =91quit' =
going to the menu and choosing =910' for disconnect, the game crashes =
an assertion failure. Nothing is logged to show a problem and I =
altered the pfiles. Existing players have no problems.

Any advice is helpful, even if it's just a hint on where to look for =

Ernie DeVore

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