Really odd ASCII pfile issue

From: Artovil (
Date: 08/16/01


Today I set a player's values manually, since there was some problem with
his weapon profs, and just when I was about to save he logged back
in.  Somehow his player file was saved down again with a \r attached to the
end of it.  It seemed to work ok, but he had lost all his objects.  His new
object file saved like: turgon\r.objs.

Obviously the list don't allow attachments, but if someone could please
look at it and try to figure out why it put in the \r there, I'd be
eternally grateful.  Hex editors and such is not my strong side, so to
speak...  I am foremost an administrator, not really a good coder.  But I try.

Some brief info:
* His name in the plr_index was still turgon.
* I tried to rename the files back to just turgon, but it didn't work.  I
assume that it was something in the object files, since once he recreated
(had to delete the files manually though, because if I removed the turgon
files, it automagically created turgon\r files after reading in the objects
(I think) and then saving the pfile down again) it worked fine.

I think somehow when it reads in the objects, if the name is altered
somewhere along the line accidentally, then it saves the files down with
this new string.  Maybe there ought to be some kind of check somewhere that
wipes odd characters from the player name when it saves the files down, and
especially when it writes stuff to the binary obj files.

I don't know much about this, but I know that when you create a character
it prevents you from using odd characters, and perhaps the same routine
should be used to remove odd characters that might have gotten into the
string in some mysterious way.

If anyone has anything on this, please let me know...

Kind regards,

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