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Date: 08/16/01

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From: "Artovil" <artovil@ARCANEREALMS.ORG>
> Today I set a player's values manually, since there was some problem with
> his weapon profs, and just when I was about to save he logged back
> in.  Somehow his player file was saved down again with a \r attached to the
> end of it.  It seemed to work ok, but he had lost all his objects.  His new
> object file saved like: turgon\r.objs.

Your solution:

cd lib/pfiles
dos2unix */*

The reason:

This is how your pfile looked before (including special chars):

Name: Turgon\n
Levl: xx\n

Then you download and edit it in a _dos_ editor, save it and it looks like this:

Name: Turgon\r\n
Levl: xx\r\n

When the mud reads this in it takes all the text between ': ' and '\n' and
assigns GET_PC_NAME(ch) to this value; GET_PC_NAME(ch) = str_dup("Turgon\r");

This value is then used in looking up the object files, finding no match.

As a side note, all linux files with this name in them will look very
strange (syslog example):

Mon 13th aug. 05:05:05 : Welcor has connected.
has connected.05:05:05 : Turgon

since a \r is actually written to output when doing a 'tail syslog'
This is how I discovered the problem in the first place.


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