My thoughts on a fighting system

From: Shane Lee (
Date: 08/24/01

The way I see it, round-based combat suxxors anyway.
First of all, most of your spells and skills are only accessible
once every two rounds, slowing combat down somewhat. I'm more
for the hit-and-thrust-and-poke-and-kick sorta combat.
If you have an uber-powerful character with great EQ facing
a lower-level MOB, all you have to do is type KILL <MOB> and
then sit back and watch the spam. This is all wrong.
Combat should be about skill, ability and intelligence, not
about getting in the first punch and having great EQ.
In a reality-based combat situation, a player would initiate
combat (a set_fighting function should kick in then) and then
commence to kicking aspen with combos and such. Also,
levels are reminiscent of an older style of gaming that
has really become obsolete IMHO.
In reality, you aren't judged by your level, but by your
skills and wit.
But then, that's another subject altogether.


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