[newbie] fight system...

From: matt' (mbrodie@ihug.com.au)
Date: 08/25/01

Hi... i am converting a MUD at the moment and learning to program with
Circle... i am using Circlemud 3 bpl18 and i  have successfully converted
the classes to races of my choice... i wanted to add in a fight system...
where you control the attacks 

eg... punch left (opponenet) and then they have the chance of blocking by
like typing block punch... i want to do it so that it has time delay on the
attack and a time limit for when u have to defend by, can anyone help
me do this... i would be somewhat greatful... if you wanna email me
personally my email is mbrodie@ihug.com.au   and once again i would
be very greatful if anyone could help me



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