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From: Robert S. Hines (
Date: 08/25/01

        I've been lurking for a little while now, and have finally decided
to stick my head in. I installed and have now heavily modified bp18 due
to the fact that my wife and friends (around the world) where going
through D&D withdrawal, and due the geographic disparate, there was just
no way to get a game going.
        All in all, I've been quite impressed with the code base and in
no way would disparage it. However, I would love to see a couple of
things happen, and they are touched on by George - which prompted me
jumping in.
        First off, I love OOP - not mindlessly, but anything more complex
than a .cgi script :-). Secondly, I like threads. Lot's and lots of
threads intertwined to make a whole and speed things considerably.
And before I get the rash of emails explaining how difficult and anti-
portable that would be, lemme say I have been writing code for +15 years
now and I am well aware of how big my mouth is and what I can bite off.
        If someone is interested in splitting off and writing from the
ground up in C++ I would be very interested in the project. I'm recently
much more of a win32 developer (manager/whatever) and I love emacs. I'd
be willing to dedicate some time to the new development, and will
probably just go off and do it myself if no one takes the lead.

Rob ~
   Anyone can be good ... only one can be the best.

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