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Date: 10/03/01

On Wed, 3 Oct 2001 21:48:54 -0500, flawed <> wrote:

>I was going to change the max_skills and max_spells around so I would have
>room for more expansion. I searched through the archives to get a general
>idea on what all needs to be changed but have a few questions.
>I understand the following:
>I'll have to change the number of attacks/spells/skills and suffering in
>I will also have to change the message numbers in lib/text/messages.
>Being that I'm using bpl17 Im wondering if theres anything else I should
>be aware of doing.  Also, with using ascii pfiles would a pwipe, or player
>converter be needed in doing this?

Ascii pfiles (all verisons) accept an arbitrary number of
skills/spells, so as long as you change the MAX_* variables in
structs.h you won't have to touch the pfile routines.  You won't even
use any additional disk space until mortal players start learning
extra skills.


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