Re: New dg script patches uploaded

From: Welcor (
Date: 10/15/01

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> From: "Welcor" <welcor@DUNE.NET>
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> > Next step will be bugfixing and adding new features.
> Kind of a dumb idea, but have you gave thought to replacing the rudimentary
> event routines in DG Scripts with DG Events 1.1?

I have considered the option. However, the Dg events patch alters the code a lot
more than the dg scripts patch does, and since the dg scripts don't get more
functionality out of adding the event patch, I think the two patches should come
seperately. After all, not everyone adding the dg scripts wants to have the event
package too, and the other way around.

Also, I've got my hands full with the scripts alone :)


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