Re: Rent problem that's keeping me up at night (Read this one :)

From: Jamie Nay (jnay@IS2.DAL.CA)
Date: 12/20/01

OK, made some progress I think... changed the definition of the plrobjs
file in db.h from ":plrobjs:" to "plrobjs/". However, it still does
(almost) the same thing. It doesn't drop the equipment on the ground, but
it's still not there when the character comes back in. Here's what the
syslog looks like when I rent with one item:

Dec 20 16:26:36 :: Rift has rented (2300/day, 600000 tot.)
Dec 20 16:26:38 :: Rift is un-renting and entering game.
Dec 20 16:26:38 :: Rift (level 34) has 0 objects (max 100).

Hmm. So it's actually doing something with the rent file now, but it's
still not saving. Any ideas/hints/explanations? Thanks. :)


On Thu, 20 Dec 2001 19:01:56 -0500, Alex <>

>> Basically, equipment is not being saved when a person is renting. That
>> if I went to the hotel and rented, it would drop my equipment on the
>> and thus I'd re-enter the game with nothing on me. However, the thing
>> baffles me is the syslog.
>check out your config.c and structs.h first of all.  Make sure that you've
>got the rent stuff actually configured.
>secondly, check out the FAQ question about rent stuff -- you may be
>missing the plrobj directories.
>that's where i'd recommend starting.
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