CircleMUD Questions

From: Gerald Florence (
Date: 01/06/02

I've chosen to work with Circlemud as my base.  After doing extensive
looking and researching the different bases, I liked Circlemud for the
following reasons.  It's got a small base for easy expandibility.  It's
somewhat decently documented.  Finally, it's still being worked on and being
supported, both the base and the snippets from different people.

Unfortunately, I'm working with Windows and will have to work with that for
now.  I can read c programs but need to work with it and hone my skills.
Right now, I'm going through each module and typing in notes to myself as to
how I think the module, function, data structure works.  Once I'm done with
this, I'll start adding patches in by hand.

I have several questions though.  I know there are the DG scripts and the
LUA scripts.  I know DG scripts are used more...but LUA seem to be more
powerful.  Is this true?  I've been examining the snippets and trying to
figure out which ones would be the best ones to use.  Easycolor and other
color snippets come to mind.  I do realize that it's going to be subjective
but I'll interested in any comments.


Gerald Florence (Septe)

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