Re: CircleMUD Questions

From: Karl B Buchner (
Date: 01/07/02

> Right now, I'm going through each module and typing in notes to
> myself as to
> how I think the module, function, data structure works.  Once I'm
> done with
> this, I'll start adding patches in by hand.

Good idea...this is how I started and it gives you a very good feel
for the codebase, and helps you learn C alot better along the way.

> LUA scripts.  I know DG scripts are used more...but LUA seem to be
> more
> powerful.  Is this true?

It might be.  DG scripts is more widly used however, and if you
are looking for experianced builders, most will be familiar with
it.  I have never look at LUA, so I'm not a good judge, but I would
assume it's more popular for a reason.

>I've been examining the snippets and
> trying to
> figure out which ones would be the best ones to use.  Easycolor and
> other
> color snippets come to mind.  I do realize that it's going to be
> subjective
> but I'll interested in any comments.

Color is the first thing I would add to stock CircleMUD, as it makes
all the rest of your work look so much better.  Color really adds
something to a MUD.

After that I would look at some easy level skill and spell snippets.
After hand-patching a few of these, you should understand how
skills work enough to begin writing your own, which is when
your MUD starts becoming unique.

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