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Date: 01/08/02

From: John <witpens@OPTUSHOME.COM.AU>

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> > I hate to be the one to break it to you (especially as I have
> > managed to earn a yellow card or two in my time(s) on the
> > list) but I think this idea qualifies a request for a feature-
> > which-no-one-has-done-anything-on-for-the-list. <GD&R>
> >
> >      Larry
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> Bah humbug! *Pulls back on bow string and takes aim at running man*
> At least by earning some wonderful yellow card or two, you learnt
> something and grew into the full grown arrow target that you are ;p
> Hmmm, no [ObCircle] since I havent been doing any coding lately.

This reminds me, I need to add my modified look into my new pl19 codebase
(started over since Circle had matured 3 patch levels while I was derelict
in my mud creating duties).

I'm sure someone else has done the same before, but the basics are:  if you
look in a direction, and that direction contains an exit you either see a)
the "door" if it's closed, or b) the general contents (ie, mobs/objs) of the
room in that direction if the "door" is open.  The next step (that we didn't
get to before) was to add archery code that would allow you to shoot bows
(and spells for that matter) at mobs (and players if we go PK==yes) that are
in that next room.

[how's THAT for ObCircle content :) ]


Larry Robinson

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