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Date: 01/08/02

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> This reminds me, I need to add my modified look into my new pl19 codebase
> (started over since Circle had matured 3 patch levels while I was derelict
> in my mud creating duties).
> I'm sure someone else has done the same before, but the basics are:  if you
> look in a direction, and that direction contains an exit you either see a)
> the "door" if it's closed, or b) the general contents (ie, mobs/objs) of the
> room in that direction if the "door" is open.  The next step (that we didn't
> get to before) was to add archery code that would allow you to shoot bows
> (and spells for that matter) at mobs (and players if we go PK==yes) that are
> in that next room.

How do you plan to handle the off-balancing of archery ?
- I mean, when you shoot into the next room and hit a mob, does it come out
  and try to attack you ?
- Or does it just stand there, waiting for the next arrow/fireball ?
- If the mob actually starts hunting the attacker, how does sentinel mobs
  handle it ?
- Will you make it so you don't break the shops, if the keeper isn't in his shop,
  and how is mobs designed as 'gateguards' etc. handled ?
- Are there any mobs firing spells/arrows into neighbouring rooms,
  or is it PC-only ?
- Do you get experience points for killing stuff in the next room ?
- In that case, what happens when half a group has fled to the next room when
  a mob is killed ?

The above was some of the things we asked ourselves - thus, we decided not to
implement ranged weapons, at least not anytime soon.

> [how's THAT for ObCircle content :) ]

It really got me going :P

Adding archery code isn't hard, heck half of the stuff you need (bows and arrows)
is already there. However, suddenly being able to fire into the next room raises
a lot of design issues.


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