Re: Ideas - levels

From: Jeremy Wheeler (
Date: 01/08/02

> I also have an idea of taking out levels (or at least making them
> to the player).  I've been toying with this idea in my mind but could not
> figure out a good way to give the experience of progress to the player.
> I've thought of using skills as a form of progress but what happens when
> they've maxed out the skill?  Have the skills degrade over time if not

I don't know about skills degrading, but I have an idea for removing levels.
Set the experience gain different.  For example, every 100 xp gained grants
one practice.  This would make it similar to the tabletop RPGs that use
to buy their skills and abilities instead of levels.

> All this falls under game balance.  Not only you have to learn C and code
> but you need to be a game designer and consider game balance.  Every idea
> you have, has the possibility of changing the game balance.

*nods* That is why i've made almost no comments...i'm out of practice
and I realize that I need to re-read my C books before i'm even qualified to
coding questions.


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