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On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 12:20:23PM +0100, Welcor was heard to say:
> From: "krenshala" <krenshala@JUMP.NET>
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> > This reminds me, I need to add my modified look into my new pl19
> > codebase (started over since Circle had matured 3 patch levels
> > while I was derelict in my mud creating duties).
> >
> > I'm sure someone else has done the same before, but the basics
> > are:  if you look in a direction, and that direction contains an
> > exit you either see a) the "door" if it's closed, or b) the
> > general contents (ie, mobs/objs) of the room in that direction
> > if the "door" is open.  The next step (that we didn't get to
> > before) was to add archery code that would allow you to shoot
> > bows (and spells for that matter) at mobs (and players if we go
> > PK==yes) that are in that next room.
> How do you plan to handle the off-balancing of archery ?

Well, to (slightly) reorder your questions ...

> - I mean, when you shoot into the next room and hit a mob, does it
>   come out and try to attack you ?
> - Or does it just stand there, waiting for the next arrow/fireball ?
> - Are there any mobs firing spells/arrows into neighbouring rooms,
>   or is it PC-only ?

Well, the idea is that since mobs/players can see the next room over
they will either fire back with ranged weapons of there own, or move
closer to their attacker. ("Hey!  Your the bastard that attacked me!")
Actually, some may try to flee in another direction (good old 'wimpy'
at it's best :)

> - Will you make it so you don't break the shops, if the keeper isn't
>   in his shop, and how is mobs designed as 'gateguards' etc. handled?

Well, for shop keepers we had already decided that if you want to kill
one be our guest ... but don't expect them to be respawning any time
soon.  Oh, and they aren't as tough as Midgaard *keepers, but they're
(mostly) not wimps either.  We figure that the various draw backs will
keep all but the TRUELY annoying players from killing shop keepers.
(those being: meat-space-days for respawn times; not easy kills unless
you are decenet level; other players will complain bitterly and not
treat you well for depriving them of the <insert shopkeeper> for most
of a week or longer; and most importantly, a guard or three will
normally show up to try and stop the "armed robbery" in progress <EG>.)

For 'gateguards' see below ...

> - If the mob actually starts hunting the attacker, how does sentinel
>   mobs handle it ?
> - Do you get experience points for killing stuff in the next room ?
> - In that case, what happens when half a group has fled to the next
>   room when a mob is killed ?

Not sure.  Like I said, we had the idea, but didn't actually try to
implement it yet.

> The above was some of the things we asked ourselves - thus, we
> decided not to implement ranged weapons, at least not anytime soon.

Well, we had added the modifications to look, and were talking the
pro's and con's of ranged weapons (one of the other 2 admin/GRGODS (3
in all) wanted the ability to throw mobs/PCs included in the ranged
attacks <G>  he's a bit insane that way, which is why we like him :)

> > [how's THAT for ObCircle content :) ]
> It really got me going :P


> Adding archery code isn't hard, heck half of the stuff you need
> (bows and arrows) is already there. However, suddenly being able
> to fire into the next room raises a lot of design issues.

Yes, it does raise issues.  How they get resolved is what matters,
and for the mud I'm working on, we have only just gotten to that
point. (Of course, I still need to add the 'look <dir>' command back
in since we are on a new codebase now.)

Has anyone on the list actually implemented ranged (as in hits OTHER
room(s)) weapons in Circle?  Or any mud for that matter ...  I'm
curious to hear the horror stories (so I know what to NOT do :).


Larry Robinson

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