Re: Ranged Weapons in

From: Jason K Poole (
Date: 01/08/02

>Has anyone on the list actually implemented ranged (as in hits OTHER
>room(s)) weapons in Circle?  Or any mud for that matter ...  I'm
>curious to hear the horror stories (so I know what to NOT do :).

        Well I havnt done it from room to room, but I have added it before. The
differance was my skill/level system was way different. So someone learned
the Archery skill, and every time they sussufully used it they got exp in
that skill. Also the mud had ranks inside each room. So any givin room could
have say 10 ranks. a player/mob could be in rank 1, another in rank 10. This
would be to far for a sword/melee weapons to reach. Players/mobs could
retreat or advance in rank within the same room. You would see hunting
parties where the fighters was in center rank, Forester/mages would be back
a few shooting arrows/casting spells.

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