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Date: 01/08/02

To answer what I have implemented for archery:-

> How do you plan to handle the off-balancing of archery ?
> - I mean, when you shoot into the next room and hit a mob, does it
come out
>   and try to attack you ?

There is a hunt_victim procedure in stock code that allows you to call
for mobs to hunt their attackers

> - Or does it just stand there, waiting for the next arrow/fireball ?

When the mob gets hit, set HUNTING(vict) = ch

> - If the mob actually starts hunting the attacker, how does sentinel
>   handle it ?

do in mobact, make a check for if (HUNTING(ch)) hunt_victim(ch);

> - Will you make it so you don't break the shops, if the keeper isn't
in his shop,
>   and how is mobs designed as 'gateguards' etc. handled ?

Just check if the target is in a peaceful room or not. Then if hit, then
call damage routine, which does more checks that you require. So, it
wont damage shopkeepers etc

> - Are there any mobs firing spells/arrows into neighbouring rooms,
>   or is it PC-only ?

Once you make a ACMD(do_archery), you can make a special mob (maybe the
mob type is MOB_ARCHER) that calls the command do_archery(mob,
GET_NAME(player), 0, 0);

> - Do you get experience points for killing stuff in the next room ?

Of course, why not? They are taking a risk for attacking the mob since
the mob can track the player down.

> - In that case, what happens when half a group has fled to the next
room when
>   a mob is killed ?

A point of conjecture here. My opinion - keep it simple. An
archer/sniper is the only one who gains the experience of firing the
missile so only he/she should benefit.

> Adding archery code isn't hard, heck half of the stuff you need (bows
and arrows)
> is already there. However, suddenly being able to fire into the next
room raises
> a lot of design issues.

Awwww, go right ahead. Implement it. I made it so that players with
specialisation in archery (as opposed to proficiency - go AD&D II
forever!!) can fire through two rooms instead of the one room. Made a
check that each room along that direction isnt a PEACEFUL room. What if
a player fires through a tunnel and the mob cant chase through because
of that? Well, that is a smart tactic by the player and should be
encouraged! In fact, a smart world builder should understand all the
strengths and weaknesses of each command and try to build their zones in
such a way that makes pure hack-and-slash a mucher harder proposition.

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