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Date: 01/08/02

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From: "Karl B Buchner" <zerker@JUNO.COM>
> First, I'm not entirely sure mobs can't enter full tunnel rooms, but
> if they can:
> A first level guy standing in a tunnel at the entrance to the
> GREAT WYRM OF DEATH's lair, and shooting it to death with
> a shortbow that deals 1-2 damage because the WYRM can't leave
> his hole when a player is in the way is rather unrealistic and
> unbalancing.
> As would any higer level mob that spawns next to a tunnel. (Unless
> mob had archery and could shoot back :D)
> Blaize

A tunnel or private room only allows a limited number of people in the
room so the mob cannot enter it if its at the limit.

You missed my point entirely. If there is a scenario where someone can
fire a great wyrm to death and it was unforeseen, then it is a design
flaw! If it was planned this way, then great. Your assumption is wrong
in many ways:-
1. I assume you are talking about a mega powerful mob with over 10,000
hps. Firstly, you will need a huge amount of missiles/arrows to kill the
mob, which, if the encumber code is done correctly, the player cannot
carry. Secondly, the player will have to spend alot of time shooting the
mob and I bet the mob will regenerate hp faster than it can be damaged.
2. A low level character will have a difficult time hitting the mob with
the missile. So, let's say the player hits 10% of the time doing 1-2hp
dam, then you would need at least 50,000 arrows to be successful,
assuming the mob doesnt regenerate its hp after each tic.
3. Again, I am stressing highly that a SMART builder will design an area
carefully if they add tunnel/private rooms. So, let's say a smart
builder wants someone to fire from a private room. Why? Because there
are 5 ogre magis, 10 shadow lords and 20 phase spiders in the same room.
The players want to flush out the wyrm, knowing that it will hunt them
down, so they fire at it (the players are 2 rooms away). The wyrm goes
to the next room, and then finds it cannot go to the players' room
because it is a TUNNEL. Well then, a dragonbreath through the tunnel
should change things a bit :) spec_procs are quite handy you know.

Its all about the design of the zone and knowing the capabilities of the
players. If your zones are just pure descriptions with mobs running
around and nothing else, you will end up in a neverending spiral of
beefing the mobs up and soon, having 50,000 hp mobs are a norm. Yup,
what I am saying is, the role of a builder is much more important than
the coder ;p

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