Re: [META] A new age, a new way of doing things.

From: Alex (
Date: 01/17/02

just a few quick points before i read through the entire list of things.

> > You can delete post from "meanies"
er... you can still do that.

> > You can edit peoples post
i can do that.  the 'moderators' of the list can actually.

> > Censor out the evil stuff and ban words
why would i want to ban words?  the only 'censorship' that i believe in on
the list is flamage.  and the only reason for that is because it wastes
time, bandwidth, and lots of disk space when you flame one person and it
goes to the entire list, most of whom don't give a shit about said flame.

> > Keep long running archives of the board
already done.

> > Long standing members can be made mods so that the
>   board is constantly looked over and everything ok
done actually.  there are a few owners other than me who can deal with
stuff.  george looks after all (almost) of the subscription requests, and
i tend to look after day-to-day admin'ing of the list.

> > Ranks will show who has been there a long time and
>   who has not.
why is that important?

> > Personal signatures can be attached and universal.
like email.

> > People can get banned easily :)
you wouldn't believe how easy this is.

> > Backups can be made and if any corruption to the
>   board worst to happen you can restore the board
>   quickly and easily
and this list can't be?  trust me.  i'm the admin of the system it runs
on.  we have backups out the wazoo.

> > Setup and maintance would not be diffcult
the list works.  it's easy to setup.  fairly easy to maintain too.

> > Seprate boards would be available for certain
>   topic thus makeing organzationa  cinch.
the list supports topics.  i've disabled them, but it supports them.  the
main reason that they're disabled is because most people have no clue how
to support them.

> > You can force the wtfaq and the faq down everyones
>   throat and make everyone read it before signing up
we do that now.  do people actually read it?  nope.  didn't think so.

> The only problem I see is people who do not have the new age fancy
> browsers
actually, we have 2-3 webboard things for work here.  the number of times
i check my email each day: every 5-10 minutes (you figure it out)
the number of times i bother looking at the webboard if someone doesn't
tell me that there's something of interest:  0

> People who do not know how in the world to sign up for the mailing list
> would have easier time signing up for a message board
er... you can sign up for the list through the web, in (coincidentally)
less effort than it takes most people to sign up for web boards.

anyhow, more comments when a) i've read through the thread to date, and b)
i've digested it.  *grin*


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