Re: [META] A new age, a new way of doing things.

From: Grimau Lysik'an (
Date: 01/17/02

>From: Alex <fletchra@QSILVER.QUEENSU.CA>
> > The only problem I see is people who do not have the new age fancy
> > browsers
>actually, we have 2-3 webboard things for work here.  the number of times
>i check my email each day: every 5-10 minutes (you figure it out)
>the number of times i bother looking at the webboard if someone doesn't
>tell me that there's something of interest:  0

This is the same for me - I had several boards on EZBoard and was subscribed
to a few of other people's boards. I found myself getting behind by
two-three weeks on the webboards. I've never been more than two days behind
on email - and I use only web-based email.

> > People who do not know how in the world to sign up for the mailing list
> > would have easier time signing up for a message board
>er... you can sign up for the list through the web, in (coincidentally)
>less effort than it takes most people to sign up for web boards.

My experience with EZBoard showed that most people had a really hard time
with the concept of waiting for a confirmation email before getting access
to a webboard. 70% of the people who signed up sent me an email saying the
boards were broke cause they signed up and then got "denied".

Grimau Lysik'an, The Bionic Elf

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