[META] A new age, a new way of doing things.

From: Zerin (dapiner@yahoo.com)
Date: 01/17/02

Constantly today, and everyday I look at my inbox
and see letters from mmorpgs, pictures to host,
people wanting to build, spam, and circle mailing
list.  Everyday I read all I can to learn from
examples of others.  How they code, how they debug,
and how they maintian there servers.  I watch as
days go by newbies post some things that have been
answered over and over and over again.  I see flames
and Alex pulling his hair out trying to keep things
in order.  Me and some other members have discussed
a few things about the mailing list and order.  In
my honest opion we should look into a message board
instead of a mailing list for people to come to and
get help with CircleMUD code-base.  You may ask why
such an idea would be formed.  Basically I see the
benifits of a forum (or message board as some call
them) to be:
> You can delete post from "meanies"
> You can edit peoples post
> Censor out the evil stuff and ban words
> Keep long running archives of the board
> Newbies and pros alike can get along peacefully
  due to securitys and user groups.
> Long standing members can be made mods so that the
  board is constantly looked over and everything ok
> Ranks will show who has been there a long time and
  who has not.
> Personal signatures can be attached and universal.
> People can get banned easily :)
> Backups can be made and if any corruption to the
  board worst to happen you can restore the board
  quickly and easily
> Setup and maintance would not be diffcult
> Seprate boards would be available for certain
  topic thus makeing organzationa  cinch.
> When announcments are made they can be posted in a
  admin section.
> You can force the wtfaq and the faq down everyones
  throat and make everyone read it before signing up

The only problem I see is people who do not have the
new age fancy browsers (IE 3.0 and the such) who can
not stand tables and all the nice stuff that is every
where on the internet today.  Other problems may
include the evil monster known as bandwidth and anyone
who may want to get power hungry =/

From what I see a message board would be alot more
organized and easier to go through then the mailing
list.  People who do not know how in the world to
sign up for the mailing list would have easier time
signing up for a message board (an example of how
less of a strain on some people it would be)

Thank you for listening and feedback is accepted.

"The bard that could"

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