Re: Circle as a service

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/17/02

> >        All the same, you also need a way to shutdown circle AND the
> >autorun script, and not in that order.  The standard method is sending a
> >kill signal to their pid's.  The bigest problem here is just trial and
> >error; the functions contained in the bash scripts are incredibly
> >simplistic, and rely on you having the exact arguments as they'd appear
> >in a 'ps' list.
> It'd be easier to 'touch .killscript' and then kill Circle.  The autorun
> script will exit on its own then.

        I thought of that, but I just as quickly forgot it.

        In the end, the above method wouldn't work after all; I played
around with it, you need to actually cd to the correct directory too.
Circle is just not made to run as a service.  It's also still a pain to
get things killed correctly.

        Though it would be a neat process to get circle to the point where
you stick it in /usr/sbin or /usr/local/sbin as circlemudd :)

        On a related note, I mentioned that I could figure out a way to
write CircleMUD as a service for Windows versions which support services,
and I have at least a stop-gap measure for those of you who are impatient.

        I wrote a version of cron, for windows.  The only real advantage
it has over the scheduler is that it will still runs he crontab even if no
one is logged in (think 'surprise reboot').

        It doesn't (yet/ever) work for different users, just a single
machine-wide file.  I recommend you install it as adminstrator.

        I'll include in the file a way to run this in non-NT based windows
as well, though it's a bit more crude (no stop/start controls in an

        I'll probably upload this file.. sometime tonight, perhaps.


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