Re: ACMD(do_quit)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/17/02

> > into a state then prompt them for yes or no then disconnect or go back inot
> > CON_PLAYING. Here's what I've written below, only problem is it doesn't
> <snip>
> Just first blush, but the state switch probably belongs in nanny()
> (interpreter.c)
        Quite right, CON states are only handled in interpreter.c.  There
are a variety of ways around it, but currently it's a pain to add
interactive questions to circle, especially if you're going to do
something like allow them to be considered as still playing at the time
(and possibly being attacked, etc, as a player).

        Your code will give the prompt, but it will not wait for a
response.  Instead, it will switch to the state you set (CON_QUIT) and
then run that through the nanny function in interpreter.c (I think it's

        Try setting the state as something like "CON_QUERY_QUIT" (you'll
have to add this of course), and then in interpreter.c you can assume the
person just typed the answer, and act upon it there (either actually
having them quit, or returning them to CON_PLAYING.

        Watch out though; you'll want to have some way to protect them
while they make their choice without making it a cheating bug.  Being able
to just sit around and heal up without being attacked, btw, is a convience
I'd say is a bug, btw.


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