Minor rant...please don't feel you have to reply. *smile*

From: Gerald Florence (septe@earthlink.net)
Date: 01/18/02

I know this is not a Linux board and I'm not asking for help here.  I have a
laptop that I have recently acquired and it had XP on it.  It was ok but I
didn't really care much for it.  To my horror, it takes up 1.6 gigs.  I
installed Mandrake Linux 8.1 on it.  Installation went beautifully...but the
boot up goes into a loop.  Natch...I posted a note on Linuxnewbie.org asking
about this and someone replied that I need to get a boot up disk disabling
p7opti or something like that and then recompile.

Heh...and here I am, a long time winblows user who just wanted a linux
machine so he'd learn more about linux...*grin*  A Catch-22...hehe...oh
well...I'll keep working it until I can get this solved.

Note:  this is not something you need to reply to since this is not a
question about Linux.

Thanks for listening...

Gerald Florence (Septe)

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