Re: Thought on a level-less and class-less system

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/18/02

> @         Personally speaking, I like a system where you can increase any
> @ skill, any stat, etc, but only up to a certain amount, and only
> @ (collectively) a certain number of times.  That is, the number of times
> @ they can increase a skill will allow them to gain an adequate level of
> @ usage of maybe 1/8 of the skills in the game, or mastery in 1/12'th (but
> @ not both!)
> @
> I read your paragraph several times but somehow it's not clicking in.  Can
> you clarify what you mean?  What I have in mind at this time, is where one
> can master the skill but the skill is open just gets prohitivedly
> expensive.  Also, in a player vs player mode, you can't always count on
> being the best at sword skill.  You might have gotten yourselve to 20 but
> someone might have gotten to 21 if they played long enough.  There will be
> other factors modifying the skills, such as world conditions (fog, night,
> raining, etc).

        Right! My fault entirely.  I wrote that section over an hour
between breaks at work, so it's spotty to say the least.  To put it more

         Say you have levels on your mud, and like the current circle
system, you recieved pracs for each new level.

        Now, unlike current-day circle, you didn't have classes, so you
could choose any skill that was available to your level to spend your
pracs on.  Now, the payoff comes in like this; say each skill needs 3
skill points to master, and over the course of an entire character
lifetime, the maximum you can ever get is 50 points (aka 16 masteries +
change).  There are 200+ skills.

        If you do the math, you'll see that if you want - for example - to
be a fire mage, you have to buy those spells with your points, and not,
say, thieving skills.  You can't be proficient in too many things.

        Here's a minor glitch though - you can get by - however difficult
it is - without certain skills, until you have access to the highest level
skills and then you just always buy those.  Why ever get magic missle if
you're going to get fireball?

        There's a solution though that not only works, but also removes
the need for level restrictions on skills: simply use the skill-tree idea.
If you want fireball, you have to buy magic missle first.

        This will stop people from gobbling up only top level

        In a given system, I'd thing that people could achieve mastery in
one tree (maybe 10-15 skills) and rate half-master in another.

        They could also play as a jack of all trades, or the sort.

        If you make it exponentially more powerful to gain skills in a
given skill tree, it'd be worth not having a well-rounded character.  At
the same time, people will want characters who are moderately good at say,
3 or 4 different tress, just not master in any.

        Way back when, when I was assoicated with another mud, I wrote up
a descpription of this sort of system;

        Which includes funny flow-chart-like skill tree pictures...

        I wrote the name of the skills on post it notes, and then scanned
them/took a picture of them.  They're located in that directory, as well
as being directly referenced by the document listed above.

        Hope that clears things up :)


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