Adding Levels (redux)

From: Abraham Dizon (
Date: 01/18/02

Okay I know this might probably piss off a couple people but I have to ask
it cause the Circlemud FAQ, Archives and WTFAQ isn't helping a bit. Only
reply if you want to help me out. Otherwise don't waste your time replying
to this e-mail saying check the FAQ and WTFAQ or the Archives and flame

This is what I did.

Modified these files like supposed to from WTFAQ, FAQ, and Archives:
(Tried all of them)


In struct.h first:
I defined the immortal characters these levels.

#define LVL_IMPL        104
#define LVL_GRGOD       103
#define LVL_GOD         102
#define LVL_IMMORT      101

Saved it and open class.c
For the THACO's (Just putting the Mage's)

     case  0: return 100;
     "     ": "      ";

all the way to 101 like shown.

     case 101: return   1;
       log("SYSERR: Missing level for mage thac0.");

And the exp: (The Mages)

       case  0: return 0;
       "     ": "      ";

all the way to 100:
       case 100: return 100000;
       /* add new levels here */
       case LVL_IMMORT: return 120000;

Finally the max exp:
I defined it too 350000

#define EXP_MAX  350000

Saved class.c and exited

Oh ya for the exp. It's 1000 exp to the next level each level. I tried
advancing a char to level 103 but it stops at level 34? Did I do something
wrong? Also one other question how do I give an immortal OLC commands. Like
for instance I made a Trainee Immortal. How do I give him OLC commands and
up. Cause as of what I know only God
Positions and above can use OLC commands.

- Hero

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