Re: Thought on a level-less and class-less system

From: Gerald Florence (
Date: 01/18/02

@ I did some research on game mechanics for Arcane Realms, and most of the
@ systems are totally incompatible with the CircleMUD license due
@ to the fact
@ that they either state that the entire CircleMUD code be made available to
@ them, or any other snag you might come up with.
@ We looked both at GURPS, Fuzion, d20 and others, and they are all that
@ way.  This includes anything from Steven Jackson Games, Wizards of the
@ Coast, White Wolf, and others.
@ So, what did I find?  I found several systems that are totally free of use
@ as long as you do not market them commercially, and a few of them were
@ totally compatible with the CM license.  The one that I looked at and used
@ as a foundation for my MUD is called Circe.

@ Here is a page with free rpg links:

Thank you for sharing this research.  It's much appreciated by me but anyone
else who's interested in changing the rpg engine.

@ ObCircle: If anyone is interested in how we at Arcane Realms handled
@ level-less/class-less user rights and master command list and so forth and
@ so on, let us know, and perhaps Cheron can whip together some snippets.

Why not do that anyways?  Not only would you get credit for any ideas you
put up in the snippet but you might spark an idea for someone who's trying
to come up with something of their own.

Gerald Florence (Septe)

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