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From: Zerin (
Date: 02/01/02

--- "" <> scaryly wrote:
>   I need your help. I am not getting to add more
> levels in my
> Circlemud (circle30bp17RS-win98), if somebody knows
> as to do this and
> to be able to order me a text teaching or to order
> that has more than 34 levels, I will be very
> thankful.

Read the FAQ included in the mud package.  The os does
not affect levels but it does point to the location of
a guide to add levels and classes.  This is also in
the wtfaq and proably in the mailing list faq.  I
advise to go through:
and look all through the folders and all there is alot
of stuff there that will help =)

Then he said something

> Blah blah hitbar blah blah

There is a snippet, its on developer and the ftp with
the name hitbar I do belive.  Please ==look== through
developer/ftp (developer is a mirror of the ftp for
those who are ftp iletrate) for snippets of code.

Hope this helps =)

"The bard who can't spell"

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