Corpse Saving

From: David Cole (
Date: 02/01/02

I recently patched in corpse-saving-v1.1.tar.gz to my 30bpl17, I had to
change a few things to be compadable with windows, but other than that it
works great, minus one thing. When you have two PC corpses in the same room,
and your reboot/crash/shutdown etc.. then start back up, there will only be
one corpse. This works in in numerous ways too. Say PC1 has a corpse in the
room adn PC2 has a corpse in the room.. who ever died first there corpse
will reload there.. but the PC2 corpse is lost forever.. but still shows in
the in lib/misc/ its very odd, and as far as I can see by
looking at the code there is no reason why it is doing this.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Dave Cole

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