Re: Help

From: Alex (
Date: 02/01/02

>   I need your help. I am not getting to add more levels in my
> Circlemud (circle30bp17RS-win98), if somebody knows as to do this and
> to be able to order me a text teaching or to order me a SERVER OF MUD
> that has more than 34 levels, I will be very thankful.
you asked this 3 different times to the, and once to me
personally, and i answered you 4 times.  read the documentation.  it's
there.  it's the same question you'll get from _everyone_ else too.

read, learn, pay attention.  elsewise people will ignore you.

and yes, do _not_ mark your bloody messages as anything but 'normal'
priority.  ever.  it's a waste of time.


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