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From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 02/02/02

>Okay I was getting that 0 boot thing for SYSERROR for triggers so I put the
>fix in so if theres a boot of 0 in either shops or triggers it would still
>load, well I noticed when I create a new zone a file called "newindex" gets
>created in both my shop and trigger directories and when I reboot the MUD
>it won't boot up again because "index" goes away and I'm left
>with "newindex". Is there a way to stop it from making "newindex" or will I
>have to take the fix out?
>Also my shop files became corrupted or something because when I sedit and
>quit and it says do you wish to save this shop internally I press yes and
>the MUD crashes so I got rid of all my shop files and tried again and I
>guess there's no shop file to right on so the same thing happens. What can
>I do to get clean shop files?

You don't even know how to get to the archives, do you?

The link is in the bottom of ALL emails sent to this list, and if you
go there and search for your problem, you will most assuredly find
the answers there.


Instead of sending these questions to the list, go there and search
first, and if you can't find anything, then you need a quick course
in search criterias.  If your problem at hand is a shop file missing,
or that they become "corrupted", then you have the infamous top_shop
bug still, or something related to it, so I suggest you search for
the words 'shop' and 'bug' and perhaps even 'sedit' and 'top_shop'.

And if you can't find anything in the archive, search on (or your personal favorite search engine) and read
through some pages there, and if you're still stumped, go to the site and search through the files there, and
you might find something there as well.

Instead of asking all these *really* simple questions, try to solve
the problem yourself first.  It is obvious that you do not heed the
flames and the information given to you, since you keep on posting in
exactly the same way.  Nobody is that stupid.  So I still think
you're trolling.

But, to make this something else than a nicely phrased flame: your
fix for newindex sounds like it is the cause of your problem.  Take a
look at clean CircleMUD OasisOLC code, preferably genzon.c or
genwld.c, and read through the save functions in there and you'll
know how to make it properly create index files.  If the file is
indeed not created, or "disappear", then you might have a file system
problem, perhaps the mud doesn't have write rights in the directory
in question (like if you're running it as another user and that user
is not allowed to access the directory)?  That would be mainly a *nix
related question though.

As for the shops, this has been addressed a bzillion times already,
so please, please, pretty please, with sugar on top, read the
bleeping archives!

Did you even read all the way down here?

Kind regards,


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