Re: [CODE] Typing not the whole obj/moc/cha name

From: Carlos Myers (
Date: 02/17/02

From: "Alex DaCosta" <alexman@SAMNET.COM.BR>
> And only this way it will run the way we wish to. But, if I want to use a
> command like look ... I could do this :
> look STONE = loo STONE = lo STONE
> Eventhough ...look STONE will work, but look STON or look STO will not!
> Did you got the problem? I need to develope a code that identifies the
> or players in a room even if the Character do not type the whole argument.

This is perfectly normal behavor.  You can abbreviate the commands, but not
the arguements sent to the commands, such as names of objects and mobs.
There is, of course, a patch that lets you abbreviate names and objects on
the FTP site.


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