[CODE] Typing not the whole obj/moc/cha name

From: Alex DaCosta (alexman@samnet.com.br)
Date: 02/17/02

Hello everybody ...

I recently got the circleMUD (Windows environment) and really had a lot of
fun studing the code. This mailing list helped me too much! Bur now I think
I reached a real big problem which I can't find the solution for it. With
the Circle30bpl20 (and probably the other ones) if you have a room with an
object called STONE ... and you wish to get the STONE, you'll use :

get STONE ...

And only this way it will run the way we wish to. But, if I want to use a
command like look ... I could do this :

look STONE = loo STONE = lo STONE

Eventhough ...look STONE will work, but look STON or look STO will not!

Did you got the problem? I need to develope a code that identifies the itens
or players in a room even if the Character do not type the whole argument.

I tryied to find ... search a lot, examined the code, the circeMUD homepage
but didn't get anything...

I would thank a lot if somebody could help me!

Alex DaCosta,
MUDBrasil adept.

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