Re: [CODE] Typing not the whole obj/moc/cha name

From: Alex DaCosta (
Date: 02/17/02

> Perhaps something is trashing the aliases of it.
> Did you stat sword while you had it?  How about while on the mobs?  Have
> you modified the string matching code at all yet?  Could be something
> real simple like forgetting that str_cmp() returns 0 on a match, if so,
> or it could be a result of something somewhere else.
> -me

 Yes, stat and any other command work at start. On the mobs too. Things are
running this way since I downloaded the files from the FTP site. So, the
possibility of the code might had been changed could be discarted. I'm still
taking a look at the functions in handler.c and interpreter.c but all I got
till now was a headache. I'll keep on watching.

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