Re: [CODE] Typing not the whole obj/moc/cha name

From: Alex DaCosta (
Date: 02/17/02

Thanks a lot!

But while I was "playng the God" with my MUD, I encountered another kind of
BUG ...
I forced a mob to give me its sword ... and I wielded it. Then I quit the
game and soon connected again ... when the USE_AUTOEQ wasn't set, the sword
was reloaded in my inventory, but when I typed "wield sword", there appered
a message like I had no itens at my inventory. If I make a "drop all", I
drop the sword... If I use a "get all" I get the sword again. But I still
can't wield it.

Well, I actvated the USE_AUTOEQ option. So, I got a new sword with the mob,
quit the game and came back. The sword was wielded, but when I typed "rem
sword" it was like I had none. "Remove all" keep working fine.

Any idea about what's happening?

Alex DaCosta,
MUDBrasil adept.

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