Re: Logins and gain levels gecho`ed

From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 05/04/02

> I wanted to make an adition to the circlemud30 bpl 20 code to give an
> automated GECHO, to show all players in the game, people logging in,
> logging out and also to show when a player achieves the next
> level via the
> GECHO system.
> Ive sorted the logout routine by adapting the ACMD (do_quit)
> routine in
> act.other.c by adding some code from the gecho routine. Has
> anyone got any
> ideas how i can impliment logon and level gain gecho`s

Following your original sprintf;

Add to advance_level() in class.c:
 sprintf(buf, "Events :&b&W&1%s has hit level %d.&0\r\n", GET_NAME
(ch), GET_LEVEL(ch));

For the entering game, I added it into case 1 of the CON_MENU state of
nanny() in interpreter.c:
 sprintf(buf, "Events :&b&W&1%s has entered the realm.&0\r\n", GET_NAME

For the future, try to break down your code by individual functions.  For
example, think of what else happens when somebody gains a level.... we know
that there's a wizlog that says, "%s advanced to level %d" or something like
that.  So search for that (grep 'advanced to level' *.[ch]), and then you
have a starting place for your modification. :)

 - B. Brown

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