Re: [ASYNC_DNS] Problem with ip resolving.

From: Kras Kresh (
Date: 05/26/02

>From: Templar Viper <templarviper@HOTMAIL.COM>
>Subject: [CIRCLE] [ASYNC_DNS] Problem with ip resolving.
>Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 20:25:24 +0200

>I recently installed this patch, and it works pretty well. A
>  person logs in, starts playing, ip is resolved, everything is
>ok. However, when a person logs in real quickly (With the help
>  of triggers for example), the ip is not resolved before
>CON_MOTD is reached. Here is the problem: Whenever an ip
>is not resolved before a player hits the message of the day,
>he/she is dumped in the CON_GETNAME state. Kinda odd,
>since if the player is not too hasty with typing his name, pw
>etc, everything is fine because the ip is resolved.
>In stock circlemud, I believe a player is "blocked" when
>his/her ip is being resolved, or not. However, I think if a
>player logs in real fast, the ip is still being resolved when
>the message of the day is being send.

I took a look at the patch. I suggest you do the same. I'll show you below.

+static void get_lookup_reply(void)
------------------- snip -----------------
+         strcpy(d->user_name, msg.user);
+           strcat(d->host     , msg.user);
+           strcat(d->host     , "@");
+         }
+         if (*
+       {
+         strcpy(d->host_name,;
+           strcat(d->host     ,;
+       }
+         else
+           strcat(d->host, d->host_ip);
+         STATE(d) = CON_GET_NAME;
+ #if 0

You should try and notice stuff you change from the patches.
Don't automatically assume they work exactly as they are supposed to.
See that "STATE(d) = CON_GET_NAME;" up there? I suggest removing it.
I think that would be safe. However I could be wrong since I didn't bother
looking at the rest of the code. You should check the rest of the changes
and code from this for referrences to the state of the player.

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