[NEWBIE] Adding changeable flags to who list

From: Brian Hutchins (brianh@OSPREY.NET)
Date: 05/29/02

Howdy all,
I am needing a little help getting started with adding flags onto the
end of the titles in the who list. What I am wanting is this...

[65 Afr Mon] Fury is back! (deaf) (NEW_FLAG_HERE) (ANOTHER_FLAG)

I don't want to use PRF_FLAG for this, I want it to be something that
can be changed online by immortals to whatever the mood is that day. I
also would like to be able to add multiple flags.
Any help on this is appreciated.
Circlemud bpl18 w/olc, ascii pfiles, and dg_scripts on a linux machine.

Thanks in advance,

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