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Date: 05/29/02

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Subject: [CIRCLE] Visual C++ 6 Compiling

> Hi. I had a slight problem compiling Circle 3 bpl 21
> using Visual C++ 6 under win2k, i know circle is
> written un C but as far as i know Visual C++ compiles
> both C and C++. Well, when building he mud it showed
> me several messages bout "long followed by long is
> illegal" in the file bsd-snprintf.c as well as *.h, so
> i decided to delete the part of the function that
> included those lines. My question is, how is this
> gonna affect the mud if it is going to affect it in
> any way?

"Let me know if it works for MSVC 4/5/6, Borland, etc.  Also, don't add
bsd-snprintf.c to your project because you won't need it, at least with
MSVC maybe others. Ideally you shouldn't have any warnings when compiling
the stock code with the changes in this mail." -- George Greer in

> Also i had a problem with a built beta of the mud for
> win98, the promt seemed to run an endless loop when
> typing score, i mean U type it once and it's fine, u
> type it again, and the score showed twice, and on and
> on.. what would be tuis kind of problem?

You forget to initialize the array for output. Change the first
line in do_score to
strcpy(buf, "");

Assuming you're writing to a buffer called buf.


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