Visual C++ 6 Compiling

From: DeReP (
Date: 05/29/02

Hi. I had a slight problem compiling Circle 3 bpl 21
using Visual C++ 6 under win2k, i know circle is
written un C but as far as i know Visual C++ compiles
both C and C++. Well, when building he mud it showed
me several messages bout "long followed by long is
illegal" in the file bsd-snprintf.c as well as *.h, so
i decided to delete the part of the function that
included those lines. My question is, how is this
gonna affect the mud if it is going to affect it in
any way?
Also i had a problem with a built beta of the mud for
win98, the promt seemed to run an endless loop when
typing score, i mean U type it once and it's fine, u
type it again, and the score showed twice, and on and
on.. what would be tuis kind of problem?
Well, thanx for your time

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