[WINDOWS][BATCH FILES] Pulling out my hair on this.

From: Jason Yarber (JasonYarber@hotmail.com)
Date: 06/04/02

As part of my CircleFullInstall.zip, I included a suite of batch files to make life easier.  However, for some strange reason, there is one problem with them that I've still not been able to resolve.  I can't seem to figure out a way to actually write the syslog file properly.  If you manage to grab one of my batch files and try to use it, you'll notice that it does write when the mud is run, and when it is shutdown, but that's only because of direct writings from the batch file.  What it's not doing, is writing the syslogs from the mud itself, ie. the muds output.  My batch files currently use:

./bin/circle.exe %FLAGS% %PORT% >> syslog.txt

That doesn't seem to be working like it should.  Does anyone on this list know of a way to capture all output from the mud to a file?  Remember, this is for windows.  I also seem to be having difficulties with the find command.  My current find command is set up as:

find "(GC)" .\log\syslog.txt >> .\log\godcmds.txt

What I'm getting in the file is:
---------- C:\Circle\log\syslog
This line is being appended to the end of the file everytime the mud shuts down.  I'm not too certain if fixing the above problem will fix this one too, or not.  But at any rate, if anyone knows of a better approach for this, let me know, please.  Thank you in advance for all your help.  It is greatly appreciated.
Jason Yarber

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