Debian Package Contribution

From: The Fungi (
Date: 06/14/02

I have APT packaged vanilla CVS Circle over the past few weeks and
will continue to sync it with current CVS snapshots for the
forseeable future. I don't see the binary packages being of much
interest to anyone, but I put them up for testing purposes. The main
usefulness is the ability to act as a package template so admins can
easily manage compiles, upgrades, rollbacks, et cetera through dpkg
and related tools.

My minimal changes quoted from README.Debian:

  * Installed files to necessary locations to meet Debian Policy.
  * Renamed executables to have less generic names.
  * Modified autorun to check circlemud.conf for preferences.
  * Built a few extra safety checks into autorun.
  * Added a pidfile creation routine to comm.c and a SysVinit script.
  * Moved licheck routine to installation rather than compilation.
  * Configure implementor account at installation for security.

For those wanting to add the repository to /etc/apt/sources.list you
can use the following binary and source lines respectively:

  deb unstable unofficial
  deb-src unstable unofficial

If you want to download the packages via FTP, HTTP or HTTPS:


Another related question... is it taboo to distribute compiled
CircleMUD binaries? I don't see it covered under the license FAQ so
I'm assuming it's okay. I guess I typically don't see them because
they're just not popular (obviously nobody wants to run a stock MUD,
as this is not Circle's strong suit).

Questions? Suggestions? Bug reports for my tweaks? Just let me know!
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