Re: CircleMUD 3.0 Ripe Beta or Next Version

From: Ronald Fenner (
Date: 06/18/02

On Tuesday, June 18, 2002, at 12:57 AM, George Greer wrote:

>> And finaly cutting back on the files that are there, IMOTD MOTD, why
>> can't these be called from help.hlp or something?
> Easier to modify just one file than root around in a big one.
well I have done a conversion of the help system to individual files
stored like ascii player files with a main index that specifies the
keywords and the file to look for the entry in. The system also has a
online editor and contains a system that templates the help files to
provide a consistent layout that can be changed on the fly as to how it
looks but not the order in which it prints the various fields of the
entry, though you can just rewrite the code to build the entry.

Might be worth incorporating into the code as it would cut down on the
help file size and if  one of the entries gets corrupted then the whole
help system isn't shutdown because the system couldn't load an entry,
though if the index goes bad you'll have to rebuild it.

The system does not load any help entries when the mud boots but brings
them online as needed and flushes unused entries after a period of time
which if i remember right was changeable through the config file.

Yes I'm sure some of you have thought of improvements as you have read
this i know i did   and some changes that could be done.

The code would need to be changed some unless people would like XML
based help files but it's not a major change really the routines that
handle the XML parsing use expat with the files for it directly compiled
into the mud rather than as a library, and it would be easy to change
from XML format.

Anyways the help file could always be split down into individual files
if we wanted to.


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