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From: Alex (
Date: 06/26/02

> > already read the part where it says: "don't do this if you don't know c, a
> > mud is not a learning project"
> Wow, I read that line many times and it never stopped me!!!
> Overall, I believe that line is a bunch of crock, you can learn how to
> program in C using CircleMUD
Yeah, you can learn to code using CircleMUD or some other mud, but at the
same time, it's not the best way to do it.  The CircleMUD code is not
terribly well organized (it's getting a lot better, but is still very
haphazard), uses a lot of shortcuts, and doesn't always do things the
right way.  At the same time, it is a large, multi-file, somewhat
functional C program, and you can get a good deal of learning use out of
that fact, but it always helps (a lot) to have some background in C first,
and understand the language (at least in the simple stages).

The big problem with trying to learn a programming language from a mud is
that a mud is very disorganized, and if you start with 'main()' and work
down from there, you hit the most confusing and difficult code first.

All in all, that line is really there to suggest that you (generic 'you'
here) at least learn some C and some programming before diving into the
code and asking us (the developers and the list) why something is broken.
It also makes it a bit easier for us to just point someone at a C book and
tell them to read it :)


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