Re: Zones and rooms

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 06/27/02

> Nope, zone 4 will have 140-155. :)  zone 5 will be only room 142.

This is useful for when you want, oh, say something to stay in it's own
zone (rooms 101-109) but want to have things from the "surrounding area"
walk through that zone as if it were their own.  Correct?

I have a priest who needs to stay in zone 5 rooms 101 to 109.  However,
the citizens from zone 4 rooms 85 to 139 need to pay him visits at times.
However, I don't want the citizens just walking out into zone 6 rooms 136
to 200, because that's a nasty scary bad place that no sane fishwife would
go.  Because of the way things are done now, I can just go ahead and set
them all to wander only in their own zone and they'll behave themselves.

If I managed to get that right, that's an excellent feature. :)


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