Re: [newbie] [dg scripts] foolish errors and some notes

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 06/27/02

> I'm a few days into precisely the same project. I have it booting
> and can provide a patch against circlemud-3.0.cvs2002062116.tar.gz
> and OasisOLC-2.0.1-2002050120.patch.gz if desired (maybe I'll also

If nothing else I'd like to see what you continue to come up with so I can
see where your changes differ with mine!

> It compiles without error or warning (on Debian Sid/i386 at least)
> and runs, but what little QA I've done so far has turned up a few
> bugs (crashes) when using trigedit. Seeing garbage in a few strings
> so I probably fatfingered a variable declaration somewhere. I'm
> probably going to start into it with gdb tonight after work, but if
> anyone else feels capable of assisting and is interested...

I'm not sure if mine crashes yet, I've been too busy writing emails to the
list and using one of those "learn c in x days" courses.  (Haha.)  As
well, I'm not experienced enough with OLC or DG to really make it die
properly. *grin*  (Oh the shame . . . I'm a professional QA tester.)

Just in case you want my source to play with I've dropped it on the web.
I suspect your coding hours and mine are offset by quite a bit.  (I work
on my mud during the days and am GMT+1.)  But since we're both interested
in the same thing, we may as well take a look at what's coming up!

If you'd like to peek:


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