[BUG] [PATCH] need GET_ROOM_VNUM() in ACMD(do_quit)

From: The Fungi (fungi@yuggoth.org)
Date: 07/06/02

Found what appears to be a bug in stock code. It prevents players
quitting in their houses from resuming in them when they reconnect.
In ACMD(do_quit), GET_LOADROOM() is a VNUM but is being assigned the
value of an IN_ROOM() call which returns an RNUM instead:

-----BEGIN PATCH-----
diff -Npru old/src/act.other.c new/src/act.other.c
--- old/src/act.other.c Fri Feb  1 02:04:17 2002
+++ new/src/act.other.c Sat Jul  6 19:25:50 2002
@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ ACMD(do_quit)

     /* If someone is quitting in their house, let them load back here. */
-      GET_LOADROOM(ch) = IN_ROOM(ch);

     extract_char(ch);          /* Char is saved before extracting. */
-----END PATCH-----

I ran across it while making a camping patch (players return to the
room where they quit) for the latest CVS snapshot and quickly
realized it was broken before I got there... ;)
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