Re: [BUG] [PATCH] need GET_ROOM_VNUM() in ACMD(do_quit)

From: Jason Yarber (
Date: 07/09/02

Hehe, this reminds me of something I did on TC-Mud(Known on here as
CircleFullInstall, or CircleFullWindows).  What I did was take advantage of
code that is already set into the mud for LOADROOM  basically, look through
the code for LOADROOM, and remove the level checks, allowing everyplayer to
have LOADROOM, even without having it set.  Then, simply set the load room
to thier current room as thier quitting.  It's just that simple.  Of course,
it changes things for the immortals because now they will not load into room
1204 if they quit in another room, but they should be able to remember that
vnum to goto it.  If they don't, it won't be too hard to make a command that
will take them there, perhaps a HOME variable could be used.  But that's
another topic entirelly.

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