Re: [BUG] [PATCH] need GET_ROOM_VNUM() in ACMD(do_quit)

From: Mythran (
Date: 07/08/02

> From: The Fungi []
> >> I ran across it while making a camping patch (players return to the
> >> room where they quit) for the latest CVS snapshot and quickly realized
> >> it was broken before I got there... ;)
> I'd love to see such a patch when you get it done.  I was going to ask
> if players coming back to a specific room was by design or something I
> broke.  I have free rent (it's just to pass time) on my game but I've
> mortals quitting and reconnecting to get a free "recall".
> Quite annoying. :)
> TIA.
> --

One fix would be to implement another command, QUITNOW or something, that
would make the user quit indefinitely.  Then, when a player is outside of
the town, he/she would type quit and a message would be displayed saying
that they would lose all of their equipment if they quit outside of town AND
they would have to type QUITNOW in order to do so.  Then, if they try to get
their free recall, it would cost them their equipment (not likely eh?)

I saw this being implemented on a mud I used to play on.


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