Re: Dragon Ball Infinite

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 07/23/02

From: "Meagan Stevenson" <meagan@STEVENSON.MS>
> If the fix posted before would have worked for me, then I wouldn't have
> reposted. If I wanted you to try to instruct me on the act of posting a
> msg, I would ask for the help. But since I didn't, please refrain from
> your witless attempt to being a wise guy. The post also posted after I
> asked for help didn't work. It still using the wrong person on
> Meagan
I'm sorry you got the impression I was trying to be a wise guy.
It was only an attempt to be helpful.
Every other person (who's contacted me) with that problem, has been
missing that line in nanny(). Since that didn't work, how about
trying this:

run your mud through gdb (if you already know how, ignore the following)
set a breakpoint in find_replacement() - at the line, which reads:
(in pl8 this is dg_scripts.c:1317)
  else {
    if (vd) {
-->   name = vd->value;

      switch (type) {

then run it, trigger a speech trigger (or similar)
and when the mud stops, print the value of name:

p name

This will yield the UID var, which should be "\e1" (or "\e34", depending
on your id num). If this value is "\e0" then you have the problem indicated
by my previous reply. If not, please reply with more info, so we get a bit
more to work on. Especially, since this is the main driver for the
variables, an I can understand you don't want to miss it.


PS: It occurs to me one of the earlier patches on the ftp site (pl6? 7? 7a?)
    actually had a bug in it, and was missing the GET_ID()... line, but
    I haven't been able to find it - it would explain a lot of the postings
    through the years.

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